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Summer 2016 Ninjago Set - 70591 Kryptarium Escape

Here is a picture of the box set.And here are the figs. Keep in mind these are early pics, and some figs may still change.Captain SotoKryptarium GuardStone Army prisonerKaiZane

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Summer 2016 Ninjago Set - 70589 Rock Roader

Minifigures included:ColeSwordsmanScoutPurple ninja

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Review of 70601 - Sky Shark

Take on Flintlocke’s Sky Shark with Ninja Lloyd!Send up the drone to check out this awesome jet with dangerous blades, guns and loads of cool pirate details. And beware—the Sky Shark could drop dynamite or rotten fish at any moment! Then convert the drone into a jetpack for Lloyd and launch the Ninja hero into [...]

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Review of 70604 - Tiger Widow Island

Ninja alert! Tiger Widow Island is under attack!Mighty Dogshank is approaching carrying her huge anchor weapon. Fight back with Nya’s katana and drop coconuts on Dogshank from the tower and Sensei Wu’s hot air balloon. Watch out for Sqiffy’s pirate flyer and make the palm tree fall to knock him off the ladder. Hide out [...]

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Series 15 is in stock NOW!

It has finally arrived!

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Review of 70605 - Misfortune's Keep

Here are the details on set 70605:Stage a sky pirates vs. Ninja battle with Misfortune’s Keep, featuring rotating engines for launch and flight modes, fold-out cannons and disc shooters, plus a pirate jet and launchpad. Ninja Lloyd has a booster jet featuring a winch to lower Jay into battle for the golden Djinn Blade with [...]

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Deepstone Cole in stock!

We now have Deepstone Cole in stock. This means we now have all 6 Deepstone figures available. Jay, Zane, Cole, Nya, Lloyd & Kai.

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LEGO Ninjago - Latest News!

Check back here often for the latest news and reviews on Ninjago sets and figures!

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Your first blog post!

Welcome to your blog! A blog is a great place to share details on your products, business and whatever else you think your shoppers might like to hear from you. You can include photos in your blog posts and even videos. For ideas and inspiration on how to structure your blog, take a look [...]

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