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Closed for the summer!

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We have closed up shop until August 8th. Have a great summer and see you soon. 

Batman Series 2 Figures are in stock.

There are some great looking bad guys in this set. Take a look!    

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Black Friday sales coming up!

The Brick People: Be sure to check back on November 24 at 8:00am for our Black Friday deals, and November 27 at 8:00am for our Cyber Monday Deals! 

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LEGO Series 17 Pictures have been released

Looking forward to seeing what the mystery figure will be!

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LEGO Ninjago Lloyd - Hands of Time is in stock.

Finally got Lloyd, Jay and Nya in stock. These Hands of Time figures are a lot more difficult to get than the previous outfits were!

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The results of The LEGO Batman Movie Opening Weekend Box Office

US box office results for The LEGO Batman Movie is $55.6 million as reported on Forbes (movie cost $80 million to make). While the results for The LEGO Batman Movie is lower than the 2014 The LEGO Movie which debuted at $69 million, The LEGO Batman Movie was still a success.Other LEGO Movies scheduled for future [...]

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LEGO Batman Movie is out!

For those who do not know, Toys R Us gives you a $7 or $8 coupon off going to the movie if you buy a certain $ amount of LEGO Superheroes sets. I think the promotion runs till Feb 19 in the USA and Canada.                                                         

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LEGO Ninjago Kai - Hands of Time is in stock. Comes with translucent-green Fast Forward Time Blade

Here he is!And the translucent-green Fast Forward Time Blade. It fits right on his hand.

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